Tuesday, November 1, 2011


A nomad, a wanderer, no fixed residence. I think myself as this. Let me show you.
Born in Yogyakarta:

Lived there for 2 years (I think). Then moved to Salatiga:

Had a great childhood for 8 years in this small yet lively town. Then more exciting move to Sheffield:

Went to what I remembered as a fuzzy school, for only 2 months, I remember leaving the school without having any real friends. Lived in a shared flat near a Chinese restaurant. Then moved to Leeds:

...for 4.5 years, had a really great teenage life there. Met many wonderful friends, of which I'm still friends with now. Went to a great high school and a wonderful church. Theeennn it was back to here:

where I spent my senior high school and university, so like 7 years. Love the city with it's authenticity. I especially loved my uni life where I met my best friends. I think my parents have decided to stop their "nomadicness" (yes I invented the word) and built a house near a rice field in this city. And no, I didn't settle for this city. Went to the big mama city, Jakarta, to find money:

for about 2.5 years. There I moved 3 times, from one flat to another. Worked in a great company with great friends. Now living in Nantes:

for 1 year (I think, still many months to go). Next destination to live in? Here:

And so being a nomadic is not all fun. I sometimes get confused when people ask me where I'm from, I usually answer Yogyakarta because that's my birth town, but I don't really feel settled there. On the other side, it's also very fun. I learn to adapt fast in a new environment. And my definition of home is neither a town nor a country, it's simply my family.