Friday, November 4, 2011


Yahoo Messenger
Facebook Chat
MSN Messenger

All the social chats we have. I have them, obviously. And how nice it is to be able to chat with your friends over those fancy communication systems. I love them, since I have friends and family living thousands of miles away.

As you know, you can set many status, like Available, Busy, Away and weirdly enough Invisible. Why in the world would we want to stay Invisible when we can just log out? Simple. Sometimes staying invisible is cool, you're there but not really there, people don't know your existence but you can observe people. You know when they come and go.

Who wouldn't want to set their lives into Invisible every once in a while? Where we can just be there without anyone noticing us, and get this, we can observe other people without them noticing us. Cool huh?

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