Friday, November 18, 2011

A Moment of Contemplation

Officially, I am 24 today, well at least in the other half of the world.
Here, not yet.
Not quite ready to be a year older, but with time, there is no compromise.
24 years, this life of mine has been quite a roller-coaster one. Turned upside down with love, twirled with decisions, slowed down by friendships, speed up with madness, led down with disappointments but mostly engaged with laughter.

But in my birthday, sometimes I like to contemplate. What has happened in the previous year, and what could be made better, what could be removed, what should be repeated, what shouldn't be repeated. And once you get the answers, you wish for a better year.
What could be made better: my effort
What could be removed: my complaining
What should be repeated: love
What shouldn't be repeated: bad practice of love, disappointments, high expectations on people

then here I go...
I wish for a good year, may the over-flowing love continue, may the laughter and joy be added, may the madness and craziness balances the dullness that I may encounter, and maybe if I'm lucky enough may love comes, in any form, in an unexpected way. Amen.

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