Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Birthday Post

When you are in an estranged country, birthday is one of those moments which will make you extremely homesick.

Started the day by a skype call with my parents, cried of course, I just wanted them to pull me and somehow be inside my lovely warm house, eating mum's food for my birthday. That didn't happen of course.

But I may just be the world's most lucky 24-years-old in the world. My friends, got up at 10 AM, as they told me, to buy a birthday cake for me!
It was delivered at around 6 PM, after I "ruined" their surprised by coming to one of my friend's room when I was supposedly to be in mine.

the birthday cake

Went out for a nice Vietnamese meal. It was a simple yet charming birthday. The sky was clear, which has never happened, as long as I can remember it's always raining in my birthday. The twinkling stars accompanied us as we walked back to our residence.
Though I did not see a falling star, I made a wish anyway.

to the greatest friends


  1. Eits, itu tangannn... Hahahaha...
    Happy birthday girl! You deserve every reason to celebrate.

  2. Hahah kenapa tangan gw :P
    Thank youuu dear, wish you were there to celebrate with me :(