Friday, November 4, 2011

Can I Skip November?

Woaaaa November already! Raise your hands if you think time flies *me me me me!!*
I'm starting to believe that time REALLY flies. I mean it's like November already. Sweet November only reminds me of my birthday, which usually makes me super excited. Always a celebration, mum's food, friends by my side, family around me, what a lovely way to spend my turning of age and to face the fact live screams at you saying "HAH! you're a year older! grow up!!"

This November, however, is different. It will be a day where I spend my birthday without the family and friends I'm used to. I'm gonna miss my mum's food or the way my family gather together like we do during birthdays.

So if time does fly, can we just fly over this birthday? So I don't have to be sad and miss everything?


  1. November will certainly be different without you dear. And I share the feeling of NOT wanting to celebrate birthdays this year :p
    Just remember dear to count your blessings. It has been an amazing year and we both know you'd never skip even one day of your life. Semangatt!! ҉(‾▿‾҉) ҉(‾▿‾)҉ (҉‾▿‾)҉

  2. Yup, tau sih caa, tapi gw tau bakalan sedih banget November ini :( Let's hope I can pass the day quickly