Thursday, January 19, 2012

Near or Far

My absolute favourite song at the moment is Near or Far by Carissa Rae.

Which is actually funny, because I'm not in a relationship right now, let alone a long distance one.

Strong is what we are whenever we’re apart
I’ll be right where you are, I’m in your heart

I am a pessimist in long distance too, but the words to this song actually make LDR so easy.

So don’t worry about a thing, or all the miles in between

When actually it's hard and tough and needs a lot of effort.

I hear them say
That what we have may fade away but I refuse

I wonder, when you've found the so-called "the one", it will become easier?

Understand you make mistake
But love won’t stop, it has no breaks

Or maybe not? Either way, I rather not have it.

You have my heart, you had it from the start

But the point is, this song is way too cute and worth sharing. I salut those who can survive an LDR, so this one is for you guys!

I love you from afar..

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