Saturday, January 7, 2012

Resolutions and Other Imaginary Wishes

And we welcome another year, with all its glitter and sparkle, another year begin: 2012. Laughter, cheers, sounds of fireworks, clatters of champagne glasses – all were prepared to welcome the new year. Resolutions are made, mostly revising or simply (sadly) repeating last year’s failed, or even untouched, resolutions. While writing the new resolutions, chanting inside the head “I will do it this year, yes I will”.

To tell you the truth. No, you will not. Well, at least not for me anyway.

Resolutions were always my weaknesses, knowing this, I gave up on making them altogether. The chants I say to myself during the new year are somehow forgotten and by the middle of the year: “What resolutions?!”. So just like any other new year, no resolutions this year either. But instead reflections, yes, reflections of last year.


What a year. What a blast. What a surprise.

On the matter of life, 2011 was a life-turning, upside-down change. Resigned from my first job, moved to another country and became a student yet again. Major life changes for me.

On the matter of love, 2011 was a disappointment. Not only to find that I can be vulnarable, I also found how it feels to be hurt, to be let down. 2011, the point in my life where I actually didn’t (and most disturbingly, still don’t) get what love is, and why things happened for the way they were.

On the matter of friendship, 2011 was where new friendships blossomed and old ones kept strong. 2011 showed me that even with different cultural backgrounds, friendship can be made, and what satisfies me most is this might be the kind of friendship that will last. Old ones were kept safely, even with the distance and time difference, I could still feel our bond.

On the matter of family, 2011 was hard to part but aware that I am lucky in every way.


No resolutions, as I don’t like promises, especially the ones I might not be able to fulfill. This year, I will simply be more aware.

Why? Because that didn’t happen in 2011.

Be more aware of the things around me. I hope the awareness will make me appreciate life more, avoid heartbreaks, thankful for the things I have, grateful for the study that I find hard to do, smile for every simple things, understand people more, increases my patience – in every way, decreases my complaining.

Let 2012 be a great year. Cheers!

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