Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Preview of Winter

Remembering some time ago I was complaining on how warm it is considering that it is winter. Well, guys, winter came late. About last week, cold overcame Nantes and it was not playing around, it was the real thing.

After some years, I was finally able to see some snow. As I was sitting down during my never ending project, I could see snow flakes from my window after a friend of mine pointed it out to me. It started with mild soft flakes, then it started to get heavy and some 3 hours later, snow was piled up in the parking lot in front of my room and I could hear people outside playing with snow. With the amount of snow outside, and the amount of work I have to do inside, I was tempted to go out. I was very tempted. And yes the temptation won. I went out with a few friends outside at around 1.30 AM, call me crazy but it was the best snow fight ever and considering we've not had any snow since then I'm glad I went out that night (or morning).

And as I went back to my room with wet hair, wet boots and wet jacket, I was smiling all over. Yes life may be difficult, yes exams may not have been successful, and yes last semester work is still lingering but life is good. Yes it is.

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