Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Boot Theorem

During the winter break I was frustrated in buying boots. The weather was cold and as I found out choosing the right boots is as hard as choosing a boyfriend. In fact they very much resemble. So here we go again:

#1: The "cheap and cute" boots
These boots are cheap, usually below 30euro (in Europe anyway), they look good on you and you'll be proudly wearing them the seconds you got them. But of course, you got it cheap, so it will only last for a while. When it breaks, you'll be sad for a while but will easily forget. They were cheap!

#2: The "quite expensive and cute but cold" boots
Well these kinds, are exactly what they are described. They're not as cheap as #1, quite expensive, very cute when you take them out for a nice dinner with friends or to show off on the dance floor, but they are cold. They don't give you any warmth, they just leave you feeling cold and you end up not wearing them for a while and soon you'll forget them.

#3: The "100% waterproof, windproof, any kind of proof" boots
Promises. These boots are giving you a lot of promises. And you end up having them because you fell for their promises, hoping that you will get exactly what they said. But wrong, when you actually test them, they are not as they promised. So what to do with these kinds? You'll soon get fed up and toss them.

#4: The "expensive, soul-draining" boots
You see them on the display, everyone wants them, everyone wishes they were the owner of this dashing boots, and you, yes, YOU have them. How lucky! Of course, you just spend your entire savings on this boots and it should be the right one for you, right? Well no, they look good for a while, but they are so hard to keep up with. They need the right treatment, need to be polished everyday, need to be put in a special place...and at the end of the day you're just exhausted looking after this one boots, and is it even worth it?

#5: The "your perfect...NOT!" boots
They are not too expensive yet not too cheap either. They make your feet feel so comfortable that you swear you will even wear them to bed. You almost feel like you've found the one, the one that will keep your feet protected for the rest of your life. That is until your friend borrowed it and it broke.

#6: The "too comfortable" boots
This is it, I am never buying another boots in my whole entire life again. You are so comfortable by it, that you can't think of having your feet bare without them. They are so damn comfortable, why would you want to take it off. Unlike #5, your friends don't even like them, but why should you care, it's the perfect boots for you. That is until you outgrown them, your feet just don't fit anymore, no matter how hard you try, you just have to dump it.

#7: The "maybe" boots
When you saw it, you weren't so sure. I mean, the price is affordable, but maybe it will fail you after all those boots experience. Then you try it, and okay it's a perfect match, but you just have so many doubts. To buy or not to buy?! So, OK, you buy because you somehow feel an instant connection and why not give it a try eh? And so you did, and it lasts, my goodness it lasts a long time. And this is the boots everyone should have. Yes it is.

A friend of mine said to me, and I truly love this quote "...if they are meant for you, they won't fit anyone else."


  1. Aggy, thank u for writing this masterpiece, and reminding me on such a nice trip! This comparison is so true :) no need for looking perfect boots, you in your boots should be perfect :D

  2. If for every trip we can create a theorem, we could be the next Einstein! :P

  3. I promise you that we will have a new theorem when you come to Paris! :D

  4. Haha! I will need to be inspired by food, dancing or boots :P