Thursday, April 5, 2012

#1 - I Once Knew...

...the "100% waterproof, windproof, any kind of proof" boots. 

My Boot Theorem is not made up. I have lived long enough in this world to be able to know/see/experience those boots mentioned. And trust me, the process of knowing/seeing/experiencing these boots was somehow bitter-sweet. For sure, they made me understand and avoid unpleasant boots of life.

This first type of boots was probably my most hated kind during my teenage years. I was naive enough to be convinced with their promises, and as the young and stupid teenager I was, I certainly fell for it. Though, I considered myself lucky to find out the truth of those false promises fast enough. The feeling of dumping these kinds, was the best feeling in the world and yet they are the never-give-up kind too as they seem to linger on you for quite sometimes with again more promises. Of course, being the person that I was/am, I never trust again those who deceit me. Saying NO once or twice or maybe a dozen times just weren't enough to push them away. Obviously with my consistency, sharp comments and glares, they finally move away.

Looking back, I'm glad I met these kinds. They are so see-through, no mystery and I most certainly can spot these boots within miles. In fact, all they need is one sentence coming from their mouth, and all is revealed. How shallow. And when I came across news on these boots during my university years, all I could do was grin and a gush of relieve came over me.  

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