Sunday, March 25, 2012


I love being spontaneous. It's that surprising, unplanned things that sometimes cheer you up and make your day.
So that was what happened this weekend.
The big hype film of the month, Hunger Games, came to me too. Though it was unplanned, my friends and I decided to watch French. No, I don't know French that fluent to understand the whole film, but yes I got the point. It was good, not brilliant.
After finishing this french-dubbed film, the tram to the residence decided to be spontaneous too, it refused to let us know the time it'll come. So, we took the most sane way to solve the problem, obviously to rent a bike. And of course I felt like I was gonna break my legs as the last time I biked was several year ago, ok not several, more like 2002. We finally did it. Though we managed to be "on the road" (literally) when the clock went forward one hour. After walking through a park, dead dark, I managed to climb into my beloved bed.
And today, with the sunshine and warm weather, Clisson awaited. It was really nice. I love standing in the castle ruin overlooking the calm river. Simple pleasure. Simple surprises.

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