Friday, September 30, 2011

Toothache and Homesick

Almost a month that I have been here in France. I am starting to feel really really homesick, especially when I go shopping. In Jakarta I always had my best mates with me choosing this and that at the shopping centre, asking them which one suits me better or them begging me to buy a new jacket. And eating out together, buying my "Quickly" drink or simply sit at a coffee shop and talk for hours. Then we would wait another hour for a taxi and another hour for the traffic jam while we take Christa to her house and then back to the flat. Oh! How I miss those days!

Then back at home I would always have my mum and my sister with me...I miss them both as they're always fighting about my "taste" lol. They're always cooking me all this delicious stuff and I can't have that here, the kitchen is miles away from my room and it's always bread for everything. Excuse my complaints.

And well, homesick is not the only thing I'm dealing. Apart from the "interesting" courses, I have this stupid toothache at the back of my mouth, which I should've done the operation while I was still in Jakarta. I hate going to the dentist.

Oh, sorry for this batch of post, I really don't usually do this kind of post :S I'm trying to figure out a way to bring a bit of the atmosphere back home into my 9 squared metre room (in a very noisy building where people like to skype with their dog while shouting and singing loudly in the middle of the night.....just saying)

But on the other hand, Nantes has been very good to me, not adding my pain of homesick and toothache. It has been sunny for the past 2 weeks, a trip to the sea this weekend (hopefully) will cure everything.

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