Saturday, October 1, 2011

What to do

What to do when all things seem to go wrong. Yesterday, I was telling you about my Toothache and Homesick, well today was supposed to be that relaxing day of me laying in Pornic beach. I was looking forward to it. So that's what my friends and I did this morning, we took a tram to the bus station and was ecstatic to see the bus. And to our disappointment, there was a long queue and the bus could not take more than 45 people, that's what I understood anyway (I've a lame French). And yes, we didn't get inside the bus. So we thought "hey, let's go to the train station for some cheap tickets", and well 42euro for 4 people was not exactly the cheap that I had in mind. We decided to ditch this beach trip.

We took our "beach picnic" food to a park near our residence. I feel very annoyed and missing home terribly. Well, at least it was a good view from the park. Some people doing some rowing, which looks fun.

...and we enjoyed the salad made by my friend Dominik, he calls it his Polish-African salad.
And by the way I'm sick and tired of this sun, it is constantly reminding me of Indonesia. Just be cold already!


  1. itu salad apaan? kok ga valid ya...

  2. itu temen gw yang bikin...isinya nasi, pisang, raisin...ama sausnya mayo ama curry gitu. Rasanya aneh haha scr jarang makan nasi sbg salad :P