Friday, September 23, 2011

Drizzle in Nantes

Nantes is what they say a town of drizzle. No it's not rain, it's drizzle. In Nantes, it's a speciality apparently. We will get this drizzle from time to time and we'll just have to get used to it. And well, what they say is right as I was welcomed with the famous Nantes drizzle as I dragged my suprisingly not-so-heavy luggage trying to find my way to my 9 squared metres residence.

And as I entered my building, I found my room was isolated from the others. Next to an exit (which has been proved noisy at night), in the corner (far from the kitchen which is in the other corner) and no neighbour. The room is small, well that's what you get for 9 squared metres I guess, and cold, my theory is because of its position. Brr...and it's still summer, which means the heater is off. Pfft! Boo to me coming from a tropical country.

Started my course this week and I was shocked. Lots of mathematics which means I need to dig deep and remember my maths courses from what it seems forever ago. This going back to school thing is definitely harder than I thought. Who knew the transformation from an employee to a student could be this complicated.

Though it seems I'm complaining (which I'm not btw *rolls eyes*), I am enjoying this moment. New friends and new country, a very tasty (tasty?! I must be hungry!) experience. And my life right now, wouldn't want to change it!

And let me introduce you to the famous elephant of Nantes:

...aaaanndd did you know that crepes were originally from Nantes? We have the best ones in France! I love this fact! :)

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