Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pray for Indonesia

This post is dedicated to the victims all disasters in Indonesia.

The mountain of Merapi in Jogja, my hometown, erupted on the 26th of October. Not only did it erupt once but it erupted several times. The latest eruption was 31st of October at about 2pm. The vulcanic clouds wrecked many homes and killed a lot of people. The eruption also resulted in rain of vulcanic ashes leaving nearby towns like Jogja and Magelang filled with ashes and dusts.
Many people are still living in tents provided by volunteers.

On th 26th of October, an earthquake and a great tsunami hit the island of Mentawai. Homes are flat to the ground, people are missing, many are injured and countless are killed. Volunteers are giving their best efforts to help but it has been quite a challenge because of the extreme weather.

It has been a few days that Jakarta, the town where I currently live, is drained by heavy rain. Many areas are flooded leaving Jakarta more crowded with its heavy traffic.

I hope this country will find a way to soothe its pain. I hope many people will find their ways to reach out to those in troubles. I hope that the sadness will be wiped away soon.

In the meantime, let us spare our time to pray and most of all let us ACT.

My friends and I are having a fundraising which you can see here: Fundraising for Merapi
All profits from this t-shirts will go to the victims of Merapi.
Let's Pray for Indonesia.

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