Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mangan, Dungo, Tresno

Bet you’re wondering what the heck is that title about! I understand. That would be the Javanese version of Eat, Pray, Love. Don’t ask me who translate it, somewhere between me and my crazy friends I guess.

Just got back from seeing that movie last night. It was a really tough night so I thought I could use a little Eat, Pray and Love. And I was right! I’m no movie critic, I can probably say great to anything I watch that doesn’t involve too much blood and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it was really entertaining (I laughed a lot). I read the book so it was only right that I watched the movie too.

The movie was a lot more than I expected, though missing a few bits and bobs. I know that there are some people who doesn’t approve of Gilbert’s action (I’m sure it’s just envy) but I don’t care, like her anyway. I think she’s very brave to go to three foreign countries, though with a very strange reason me think: to find herself. Like I wouldn’t like to go around the world to “find” myself. Anyhoo, the woman has money so we can’t blame her really for travelling around the world, after all it’s HER money and so what if her not-so-extraordinary life AND love life became a hit. I still like her anyway.

My favourite part is Ketut, the medicine man with no teeth. He is just the most hilarious man on earth. Quoting him “Smile with your liver”. I crack up everytime I hear that. I definitely envy the margarita pizza. It looks so good. Crazy that they have the whole plate all by themselves! It could’ve fed probably 3 people. That girl is one lucky gal.

Anyways, I think the point of the film to me is: it’s OK to feel good about yourself. Do you sometimes have that feeling of guilty, where you don’t think you’ve done enough and don’t deserve anything? Well ladies (and gentlemen), give yourself a break! You’re doing JUST fine and you are more than welcome to take a one year pilgrimage to 3 countries of your choice. Wow, I really am learning a lot from me.
One more thing, wondering why I’m blogging again? Well, it’s my new kind of commitment, we shall see if I keep it.

Loves, A

(I feel like Allison in Pretty Little Liars! Oooo so mysterious ain’t it?!)

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