Sunday, June 19, 2011

By the way...Anyway...Busway

Me : two please (shoves 7000IDR through the tiny hole)
The woman : (shoves back 2 tickets)
Me : (silently walk pass a man and gives the tickets to him)
The man : *kreeeeekkk* (that was supposed to be the sound of paper ripping)

If that wasn't too obvious, that was one of the many repeated conversations I've had before settling my feet on one of the most (supposedly) reliable bus service in Jakarta: the Transjakarta or you can simply call it the busway. Oh busway how I have so many controversial feelings for you! But let's talk about those feelings later shall we?

On to the main topic. I was just thinking as I was on the busway, Blok M route, when I looked at the tickets. I don't know if this applies to all routes but it does to the Blok M and Lebak Bulus routes. As we know almost all ticket machines are now disfunctioned (surprise surprise), which is a complete shame and waste of money by the way, and all tickets have been replaced to "paper tickets". Here's a preview, just incase you haven't seen one.

This is only HALF of the original size, since half of it has been ripped. I was curious at how the busway industry in Jakarta has contributed to global warming, a lot I presume.
I mean if you're gonna rip out the paper in half and THROW it in the bin straight away then there's no need to print out such huge tickets! At the end we're also gonna throw the other half anyway, and this usually happens even before we enter the busway. What a waste of ink and paper! And not to mention, hel-lo we already have ticket machines, why not fix it???!? Again, waste of money!

When I was in Penang, Malaysia for a holiday, I took their buses called Rapid Penang. They also had bus tickets, trust me they also contribute to global warming, but at least their bus tickets were wayyyyy smaller than what we have in Jakarta, about one tenth to what we have with smaller prints. Not that I'm comparing (I know how sensitive we are about it).

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