Sunday, May 29, 2011

An Inspiring Chat

Last Saturday I went to an orphanage in Tanjung Barat. There I met a girl called Hela. She told me she was in year 10. I introduced myself and then got myself into what turned out to be a very inspiring chit chat.

Me: What year are you in Hela?
Hela: I'm in year 10.
Me: Have you finished all your exams?
Hela: No, it's in 2 weeks, please pray for me so that I can get good grades.
Me: Of course I will! What do you wanna do when you grow up?
Hela: Umm..a doctor, actually I just wanna be a useful person. Doctor is a useful person right?
Me: Yes! Absolutely!

Then we stopped for a bit. She then continued for some shocking questions!

Hela: Do you have a family? Like your own family?
Me: Not yet.
Hela: But you already know who your soulmate (she used the Indonesian word "jodoh") is right?
Me: Nope (totally unexpected question!)
Hela: Well, I hope you find him soon.

I'm in love with this witty little girl!
The conversation continues. I was told to pray for the person sitting next to me (which was Hela of course).

Me: What do you want me to pray you for?
Hela: Exams, so that I could get good grades, to have more friends and be a useful person to others.
Me: OK, anything else?
Hela: umm....I want to pray for you, so you can find your soulmate soon!
Me: *speehless*

She is just the sweetest girl! Not only does she care for herself, but for others too. Her conversation with me was also like a slap for me, as I barely ever pray for myself about the "soulmate" topic.

Thanks Hela, you are an angel.

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