Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chicken de la Sausage

A new blog for me and I’m firing off with a recipe. One of my favourite recipes, invented my me and my sister. We used to make this while I was still living back home. Great for a yummy dinner. Add salad to make this dish more yummyable. Enjoy and happy eating!


* Chicken Breasts
* 4-5 Sausages (any kind)
* Cheese (lots of ‘em!)
* Onion
* 1-2 Garlic (optional)
* Soy Sauce
* Black Pepper
* Salt
* Mayonnaise
* Herbs (any kind)
* Teriyaki Sauce

* Cut the chicken breasts into small pieces or big pieces according to what you want. Marinade the chicken breasts with kecap asin, garlic (or garlic powder if you prefer), lots of black pepper and a dash of salt. Mix it well and leave for about 30 minutes or more (You can leave it for 5 minutes if you don’t have time but the longer the better!)

* Fry the marinated chicken breasts into a pan of oil. You can add butter to your cooking oil for a more crisp taste.

* Put the chicken into an oven-proof dish.

* Dice the sausages into small pieces and then fry them.

* In a different bowl, pour some mayonnaise and add herbs to it (any kind, I like oregano)

* Pour some teriyaki sauce over it.

* Then on top of the chicken and sauce pour the mayonnaise mixing. Spread it evenly.

* Sprinkle the sausages and then add cheese on top of it till it’s all covered.

* Put it in the oven for 15 minutes or so till golden brown.

* There you have it Chicken de la Sausage! Serve with mashed potatoes or whatever kind of potatoes you have.

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